Wind Turbine Class Pack
Wind Turbine Class Pack
Wind Turbine Class Pack

Wind Turbine Class Pack

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In this module, students will engage in and explore different scientific principles of wind energy to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how wind can be harnessed as a renewable energy source. Students then apply their knowledge to test different wind blades on two different types of turbines to collect and analyze data to design their ideal turbine. Using these findings, students will also evaluate the pros and cons of their wind turbine design and use of wind as a renewable energy source, using evidence to support their claim. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to apply their new-found knowledge to understand other renewable energy sources in addition to their applications in sustainable engineering. 


  • 4X SKY-Z Limitless AC with 3 sets of 6 different size blades 6,8, & 10 inch
  • 4X Savonius AC Turbine 
  • 4 X SKY-Z DC adaptor
  • 8X multimeter
  • 1X STEM Plus Playoff interface and software for AC Turbines

Curriculum included! 

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