PicoOnline: Alternative Energy Bundle
PicoOnline: Alternative Energy Bundle
PicoOnline: Alternative Energy Bundle

PicoOnline: Alternative Energy Bundle

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The Alternative Energy Education set is the most comprehensive of all our Energy Educational offerings. It combines our best Turbine the Sky-Z Limitless Wind Turbine, SKY-Z Hydro, both AC & DC generators, a .9W solar panel & all of the electricity labs. Both AC and DC configurations are included in this kit, widening the possibilities of turbines to construct.

Explore Wind or Hydro Energy with our SKY-Z Turbine Labs, Solar Panels, and electricity labs! Construct this STEM kit from scratch and engineer it to make it power an led, piezo buzzer or just showcase the power on a standard multimeter! Use the Solar Panel to create a fully functioning hybrid! 

If purchased as a bundle, the kit includes THREE self-driven courses for students to explore and learn. Each energy type can also be purchased as an individual kit and separate course. Courses may also be purchases a la carte without accompanying materials.

Each kit contains all the parts needed to build a fully functioning SKY-Z Wind Turbine! 

  • Grades 1st Grade + for the SKY-Z Mini DC Kit
  • 5th Grade + for the AC version! 
  • This is great for K-12 & also University Intro to engineering courses!

Bill of Materials

Alternative Energy Education Lab (Horizontal Wind Turbine, Solar, & Hydro Turbine, & electricity labs)

      • 1X Round Base Weight-Metal
      • 1X Round Based-plastic
      • 1X Short Tower
      • 1X Long Tower
      • 1X Nacelle Base
      • 1X Nacelle Front
      • 1X Nose Cone
      • 2X 6 Blade Hubs
      • 1X SKY-Z STEM Blade Adapter 6 Pack (with dowels)
      • 6X 6 inch Blades
      • 1X SKY-Z DC Generator Pack
        • 1X 6V DC Motor
        • 2X alligator clip
        • 1X DC Clip 
        • 1X DC Stand
        • 1X DC Shaft
      • 1X SKY-Z AC Generator Set 
        • 4X 200 Wind Copper Coils 
        • 4X Rare Earth Magnets
        • 1X Coil Housing
        • 1X AC Shaft
        • 1X SKY-Z Rotor Disc
        • 1X SKY-Z Screw Packs
        • 2X pieces of sandpaper
        • 4X double side tape
        • 1X bicolor LED
      • 1X Digital Multimeter
      • Rectification Sub Assembly
        • 400 point solderless breadboard
        • 6 precut wire connectors
        • 2 capacitors
        • 4 diodes
        • 1 piezo buzzer
      • AC Manual
      • DC Manual 
      • Rectification 4 lab manual 

Savonius Vertical Wind Turbine Lab

        • 1X recycled plastic base
        • 1X recycled plastic top piece
        • 1X recycled plastic rotor disc
        • 2X Recycled plastic blades
        • 2X Recycle plastic s-foils
        • 4X 200 Wind Copper Coils
        • 4X Rare Earth Magnets
        • 3X 1/4in(6.25mm) Dowels
        • 2X pieces of sandpaper
        • 4X double side tape
        • 1X bicolor LED
        • 1 piezo buzzer
        • 6V DC motor & Adapter
        • 2 alligator clips
        • AC Manual
        • DC Manual 

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